Siemens Fan Oven Element


Specification: Also Known As: Circular Element, Round Element, 2100 watts, EGO 20.40828.010

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Siemens Fan Oven Element from Appliance Spares R Us. We supply high quality domestic appliance spares, parts and accessories for all makes, brands and models of domestic appliances. Contact Us should you need any help or information. If you struggle fitting your part. Contact an engineer here that will be able to fit your Siemens Fan Oven Element for you. Shop safely with our secure online payment system. Appliance Spares R Us website was deigned purely by domestic appliance engineers with over three decades of hands on experience in domestic appliance repairs, so you can be sure you are safe and  in good hands on our website.

Fits Models

HB11320GB/01, HB530250B/01, HB530650B/02, HB750550B/02, HB131250B/01 HB530550B(00), HB530750B/01, HB750550B/03, HB131550B/01, HB530550B/01 HB550550B/02, HB750650B/03, HB131550B/02, HB530650B(00), HB570560B/01 HB760560B/04, HB131650B/01, HB530650B/01, HB750550B/01, HB770560B/02 HB131650B/02,

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